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Taaj is the teacher of choice for aspiring professionals. She's produced award winning students. Through her e-books, newsletter, teleseminars, coaching, workshops, and association with the Middle Eastern Dance Instructors' Association (MEDIA), she's helped many belly dancers become more successful business women, teachers, and students.

In addition, Taaj is an excellent performer. Her Middle Eastern dance career highlights were dancing in Egypt and opening for Egyptian pop star, Hakim.

Taaj's accomplishments were also recently recognized by Madison's Who's Who. Taaj is more than just a belly dance teacher. If you are serious about being a better Middle Eastern dancer or teacher, you can't ignore what she has to offer.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Taaj

  • Improving Breathing for Better Dance Performance
    We also hold our breath when we concentrate or get nervous. This brings tension into our bodies. The more tension we have, the more shallow we breathe. It can become a vicious circle!
  • It’s Not Me; it’s You: Toxic People and What to do About Them
    The problem is, sometimes it’s hard for a reasonable person to tell if she or he is under attack by a toxic person who intends harm.
  • Tribute to Reema
    Hali said, “The day of the contest, backstage we could all just feel her. We were like, ‘This is for Reema! She’s here!”
  • Independent Contractor or Employee?
    The important thing is that the relationship between worker and payer be classified correctly for tax purposes so that you are aware of what taxes and filings you are liable for.
  • Rocking with Raqia
    Each explanation brought the class closer to understanding the essence of Egyptian style.

Taaj's East Coast Classic results announced on Gilded Serpent