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Ed- Mystery woman! Looking for more on this fine dancer. So far I have one letter with these clues

Dear L,
Sorry, I do not know many of the facts about Satrinya that would belong in a bio. For instance:
1. Studied with Jamilla under inappropriate name for dancer, Mausolima, given by Jamila
2. Grew up in SF Bay Area, has left area.
3. Catholic-Italian
4. Married several times. Once to Jewish-Moroccan. They owned the Casablanca Restaurant in Berkeley where she and I danced. It was down by Spenger's and Brennan's Bar & Grill in the late seventies.
5. Next married Khalil Aboud and had a son with him named Mark Omar Aboud.
6. Has a younger son with a fourth husband.
7. Was a Roller Derby skater.
8. After she danced in other countries, she discovered Jamila's style didn't exist in the Middle East and changed the way she danced and costumed herself. Also changed her stage name to Satrinya.
9. Has a wry sense of humor.

Ed- Please contact editor if you have more information on Satrinya


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