The Gilded Serpent presents...


About three years ago, I wandered into Lynette's Emeryville studio with some friends. I've been belly dancing ever since.

I currently live and make art - paintings and sculptures made of odd materials - in San Francisco. To keep on top of my bills, I have a retail job in Marin County. On Monday nights, almost without fail, you can find me dancing to Gothic and Industrial tunes at Death Guild, at the Manhattan Lounge in downtown San Francisco. It's not a gig, though; it's my playground. I was going out to goth dance before I learned how to belly dance. The two styles mesh nicely. Now, I call myself a Gothic Belly Dancer. I wear a lot of black. I'm rather pale. I have a flare for the dramatic when I dance. And I do love to dance. Now that I'm out of college, I have the energy and time to focus on being an artist and a belly dancer fulltime.

Upcoming event:

Dismantle: Moving Party for Chevii-Ate' Theatre Friday night, Oct 11, 2002 $10-20 at the door

8917 San Leandro St. Building A Oakland, CA

For directions: or call 510-569-7607 x 8

I will be dancing at some point between IO and I I pm, It's a Goth-Industrial theme, so I will be decked out!!