photo by Julie Watts of Auburn, WA

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Anna has always been a dancer at heart, but never really pursued dance until she saw a belly dancer at a Greek restaurant while attending a holiday office party. Nearing her college graduation, Anna decided she needed to find something to fill up her time after graduating. In 2003, she decided to try Middle Eastern dance…

Since that time, Anna has intensely studied with many well known teachers from the Pacific Northwest (where she began her journey) and regularly attends workshops from some of the best performers and teachers in the U.S. and the world. Dance education is very important to Anna. She believes that through education a deep appreciation, knowledge, and skill of this dance can be cultivated.

Anna has had the opportunity to learn about many of the folkloric dance forms that are a part of the Middle Eastern dance genre. Her interests are mainly with Egyptian and North African dance forms, folk dances, and styles including: Egyptian beledi (and shaabi), Raqs al Assaya,, Khaleegi, Turkish Rom, Moroccan, and Tunisian, among others...

Anna enjoys entertaining and sharing what she has learned with others at the various venues where she performs. Known for her elegance, musicality, and charm, reminiscent of the Golden Era, Anna draws from classical “raqs sharki” and modern belly dance forms, blending the old and the new into an expression all her own.

Anna currently resides in the greater Houston area of Texas. She is also the creator and webmistress of and is the owner of the online store Shaabi Chic Belly Dance Boutique.

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