Rachel Scherer

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Rachel Scherer

Rachel Scherer studies Maghreb dance with Amel Tafsout and American Tribal Style with Phoenix Avathar

She is a member of the newly formed Primal Redemption Dance Troupe, with whom she is delighted to fuse many elements of dance with mindful respect, and beside herself with pleasure at the opportunity to dance with Fire. She is blessed to share the great joys of dance with her troupemates, two of whom are her incredibly beautiful daughters.

Rachel dancingRachel lives in rural western Massachusetts, utterly devoted to her husband and dogs (not always in that order….); she divides her work life between a massage therapy practice and as a research fellow in structural biology – and doesn’t find it to be all that strange a combination. Yoga and martial arts keep her breathing and aware, when and if the weather is inappropriate for birdwatching.

E-mail: rfey@lycos.com

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