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Juniper Orth, occasionally known among dancers as “Perizad,” was introduced to the world of Middle Eastern Dance in 2002. As a continuing student of Sahar in Santa Cruz, Perizad has become avidly interested in all things “bellydance.”

Aside from various recitals by the dance studio she attends, Motion Pacific, Perizad has appeared at the Union Café in Santa Cruz, a wedding in Carmel, and the Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta. Her dance history includes ballet, jazz, and modern over the last 20 years. Her love of performing has finally led her to what seems to be the ideal dance format: sinuous, syncopated, and emotive improvisation, paired with gorgeous costumes!

Perizad is always the costume coordinator for Sahar’s Serpentine Dancers, due to her voracious bookmarking of all the best costume sites. When not distracted by her job as a Conceptual Artist at TKO Software, a computer game studio, she enjoys crafting her own outfits from saris and other luxurious fabrics.

Currently a resident of Brookdale in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Perizad hopes to enjoy the rich Middle Eastern Dance community of the Bay Area for many years to come!

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