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Neon is an acclaimed bellydance instructor and a star performer based in New York City. Infusing classic bellydance with high-impact modern flair, Neon's dance style is characterized by organic fluidity, precise intricate hipwork, and hypnotic evocative flow.

Neon performs contemporary bellydance in NYC, and works on her line of instructional videos featuring her breakthrough fast-track, accelerated-learning method: Breaking down belly dance movements into trajectories following 3-dimensional shapes, grouping dance moves into clear-cut categories to enable systematic learning and easy recall of dance patterns when improvising. Neon's DVDs are available at and other stores.

Neon is the Publisher of "World Dance New York" video publishing house, conceptualizing and producing videos and DVDs for dance education and entertainment. Her work has set a new standard for the treatment and presentation of belly dance as a sophisticated mainstream dance art, and has contributed significantly to popularizing bellydance among entertainment consumers, New York nightclub goers and students of dance.

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Reviews of World Dance New York products:

  • Dance Today! Bellydance with Neon DVD
    My pride, however, was not insulted. Go ahead Neon, clap your hands and count from one to eight as if I just stopped teething yesterday. I don’t care; I want to learn how to be a better bellydancer and if I learn effectively from a professional performer who reminds me of my kindergarten teacher, then so be it.
  • DVD Review - "Instant Bellydancer, Curves, A Crash Course in Belly Dance" by Neon
    So, with a somewhat more open mind, I popped the DVD into my computer and from the opening shot found myself captivated!