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>Mira began dancing ballet at age four. She saw her first belly dancer as a child during an annual production of The Nutcracker in the late 1970s. “I don’t recall her name, but I do remember standing in the wings and just staring at her amazing costume—it was pink with pearl fringe and lots of chiffon. Then I watched her perform the Arabian piece and was just captivated by the totally different movements.”

Ballet was her love for many years until (gasp!) she grew breasts and hips and suddenly she “wasn’t the right type.” In 1986, she saw her second belly dancer ever. By 1987 she started taking classes with Karen Barbee in San Antonio, TX. She continued her education by taking workshops with many of the great names of our dance—Bert Baladine, Amaya, Morocco, Artemis Mourat, Mezmera, Aziza, Amar Gamal, and more.

For nearly two decades now, Mira has been performing, teaching and producing shows, first in North Carolina and now in Maine. She is proud to have been a part of the beginnings of what has grown into a vibrant and growing dance community in northern Maine. Her advanced classes regularly include a “how to choreograph” and “stage dynamics” component, and her unique choreographies have been taught as far away as Finland. “I truly believe every dancer should have the tools necessary to create her own dance. One that’s pleasing to her and to an audience. I don’t want my students to be cookie cutters of me or any other teacher. I want to teach them the basic vocabulary and then let them go create their own story.”

Always searching for new activities for her dancers, Mira has held numerous photo shoots, costume workshops, dance workshops, makeup seminars and more over the years. Recently, she has taken a step back from teaching regular classes and workshops and is focusing her time on a new project.

A marketing consultant and copywriter by day, Mira has combined her love of marketing and PR with her passion for dance. The result is The Belly Dance Business Academy where she blogs and teaches people the business side of belly dance. She hopes to give teachers, performers and vendors the knowledge they need to succeed beyond their wildest imaginations.

“There’s no reason every professional dancer can’t have the business of her dreams. But sales and marketing and promotion aren’t skills you learn in dance class. You have to seek them out elsewhere. With this project I’ve made it easy to understand abstract marketing concepts by applying them directly to the belly dance world.”

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