photo by Carl Sermon

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Mia Shauri of San Juan, Puerto Rico is an incredible rising star we have watched blossom over the last 6 years. Her amazing maturity, talent, diversity and discipline prepared her for her recent title of Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008!

"On stage Mia radiates a natural sweetness while weaving pure grace with profound talent. She's the archetype, the fantasy, the real live thing and at only 20, dance flows through her like a birthright. Her genuine down-to-earth manner assures me that countless doors will continue to open for the success and fulfillment she deserves. Be lucky and catch a rising Star! If you're "rarely riveted" like me, you MUST SEE MIA DANCE!" - Mesmera, CA.

For more information on Mia visit www.stellaradvantage.net.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Mia

  • Winning Bellydancer of the Universe
    Puerto Rico is kind of a small island, not that we’re cut off from the world or anything, but we don’t have huge hafflas or competitions here. In fact, after about two years of classes and training we have to travel outside our country to keep up with the whirlwind of innovation that is bellydance.