Mher Panossian

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Mher Panossian

Mher Panossian is the label manager of Hollywood Music Center, the largest producers and distributors of Bellydance and Tribal CDs and DVDs.

Mher’s father, Movses Panossian, started HMC in 1982. The company started as a small record shop on Hollywood Blvd. and grew over the years to having 200 CD and 40 DVD releases available on the market.

HMC also organizes video shoots multiple times a year where they produce their own instructional and performance DVDs. They pride themselves on working with talented and reputable artists like Aziza, Jillina, Ansuya, Amar Gamal and Virginia and are consistently striving to find up and coming talent. Mher thoroughly enjoys producing DVDs because he loves working with dancers and appreciates that the endeavor is more of a collaborative effort between the dancer and producer with a focus on the best way to communicate the material to the viewer.

Some of Mhers favorite products in the HMC product line include Electric Oasis, Bellyqueen’s The Bellydance Project and Bellydance Underworld.

As for what the future holds for Mher and Hollywood Music Center, Mher asserts that his, “love for traditional and ethnic music will always remain, and preserving it will always be our mission.” Sounds like a prediction of good things to come and the bellydance community will most definitely stay tuned!

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