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Lauren Traub

Lauren says “belly dance is the perfect answer if you love to dance and your husband doesn’t”.

She went to her first class with a friend 6 years ago and was immediately hooked by the beautiful music and movements. “It’s as graceful as ballet, but the movements seem more natural to the body. It’s great exercise and a Fountain of Youth. What other movement form encourages you to move any part of your body that WILL move?”

She performs at haflas and parties for friends and admires the old American cabaret style of belly dance that her parents used to see in Boston. She adores sequins and rhinestones and the super-kitschy covers of the Middle Eastern records from the 60s and 70s.

Lauren Traub has studied Oriental Dance extensively with Zohar, Aszmara, and Judy Reda in Westchester County, NY. She also greatly admires the Oriental dance styles of: Elena Lentini, Anahid Sofian, Sarah Skinner, Karen Traub and Rose Champagne of the Northeast and Shoshana of CA. She has studied dumbek with Suhail Kaspar at Middle Eastern Camp in Mendocino, CA, Raquy Danziger and Henry Osserman in NY. “Middle East Camp was a fantastic experience, well worth traveling nearly 12 hours each way, alone. I look forward to attending again!”

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