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Belly Dancing is a beautiful art form that has a rich cultural history even as with movements and rhythms reap as we saw in costume fashion. If I am going to be honest with myself, my interest for belly dance started not just because of the movements and music, but because of those beautiful, feminine and exciting costumes. Upon my dad's request, even though I just wanted to dance, I finished my studies as a Costume Designer at the Hungarian Technical College.

For the first few yeas I created my own costumes just for my dance company and for myself. In 2009 I was awarded the “Bellydance Costume Designer of the Year”. This was in Hungary and one of the participant of the jury was for example Sahar Okasha the famous Egyptian designer to. After much interest in my costumes I made my own brand in 2010, name SCH-Fashion.

As a dancer and designer my ideas come to my mind in motion and sometimes with music. I always imagine the feeling in the costume on the move. I like to feel the freedom and nature. That is why I prefer to use pure silks which has the moves of nature. My first collection was made only from pure silk that I bought in Kuwait and decorated just with Swarovsky crystals. The skirts are sewed together on short skin colored trousers, it prevents the sliding of the skirt on the move.

My first bellydance costume vendor stand was at the Nile Group Festival in November 2010. On the 2nd day of the festival I had already sold all my costumes. I got so much nice soulful feedback about my ideas and so many orders, more than I couldn't ever imagine before. From that moment, my design career became the same priority in my life as my dancing and teaching.

Just like my movements, my costumes are filled with spirit. One dream, one inspiration gives only one costume. I never make copies!I believe that every costume finds her real owner and they will inspiring each other. As this colorful dance style is still living and changing, growing up day by day, the costume designers will inspire forever. This is a never ending energy flow, full with elegance and ferocity, sensuality and femininity. I hope that I will be a part of this wonderful Oriental dance life for a long time.

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