John Clow

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John Clow

John was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and his introduction to the magical realm of belly dancing came when he saw a dancer at a Greek restaurant. After that initial captivating performance, he was hooked, forever a fan of belly dance.

He later had the privilege of seeing the beautiful Atea dance at many events and festivals before she moved to California, making her mark on the dance community with her ‘Magical Motion’ instructional tape. Now, after so many years of supporting the dance in every way possible, his contributions can be found in the form of articles and interviews in many of the dance publications.

John lives in Augusta, Georgia, with Hattie Swires and their two loveable bob-tailed cats. He is looking for an agent for his first novel now.

Sign: Gemini
Age: Beyond consenting
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (all right: and some grey!)
Heritage: English/Irish

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