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Jetara is a professional fine artist, as well as a professional performance artist. Her recent projects include wine labels, music and software CD covers, and food product labels. Jetara has studied sacred symbols for many years, she naturally maintains the service or products' core intention, while delivering a powerful design, which truly represents the dream and integrity of it's originator.

Jetara is mindful of the ultimate vision of success, from conceptual stage to developmental birth, which ensures an end design that perfectly fits its' desired aim. Her portfolio includes mystical landscapes, portraitures of both children and adults, beautiful animals and spiritual visionary pieces.(Faerie's, Goddesses, Gods, Angels and Mythical creatures) Jetara brings the true essence of spirit into a tangible reality through art and dance.

jetaras psychic cardA professional dancer and teacher, Jetara currently teaches childrens' classes at a local cultural center. Due to their popularity a second class has been added for teens. An adult dance class is on the drawing board! Jetara loves to choreograph basing shapes and lines upon ancient symbolism. Her dance experience includes five years of ballet training, eight years of jazz dance, several years of African and Samba dance, as well as over ten years of Middle Eastern Dance training and performance, both locally and abroad.

"Reach for the Sky and you will dance upon the stars!" Jetara.

Her performance art includes psychic readings for both private and corporate events, as well as for individuals. Jetara's methods of divination include tarot card readings, rune stone castings and the art of palmistry. She has a highly positive approach, which leaves her clients feeling more confident and inspired, as their destinies and true paths are revealed. She has received rave reviews for her readings Jetara uses both humor and love to lighten the journey of personal truths. She has been often referred to as " the messenger of love."

Jetara has played more then forty characters at parties and venues. Her fine artistry skills and adept eye for color make her an amazing face painter.

For more information and booking please call or write Jetara.


"Upon the wind of magic, believe in yourself, follow your heart....and listen to you dreams!"