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Jawahare is a multi-faceted dancer who began her involvement in Middle Eastern Dance in 1981.Her extensive dance background includes training in a multitude of dance genres, including:Afro-Haitian, Flamenco, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and International Folk dance.

In the last 14 years Jawahare has gained popularity as one of California's greatest nightclub and restaurant entertainers. During this time she has gained recognation as the featured dancer at Pasha Restaurant in San Francisco, where together with her group of talented musicians she dazzles audiences with her dynamic presentation of "La Danse Orientale." Through her experience as a full-time professional dancer, she has developed a generous and sincere stage presence and a unique approach to the interpretation of live music .

julia nia picturePresently, Jawahare has retrained her focus to broader horizons. She has quickly become a rising presence on the Middle Eastern concert tour circuit, performing with such notable singers as Ragab Alama, Walid Toufic and Kadim al Sahir. Locally, she has received commendations from the Arab community for her participation in the annual events of the Yemeni Consulate, the California Egyptian Culture Society and the Lady of Lebanon Church. Jawahare has also brought her performance panache to other areas of the entertainment industry such as Film, Radio,Video and Television.

In addition to her accomplishments as a dancer, Jawahare holds an impressive array of credentials, including two Califonia State Teaching Credentials, a B.A. in French, and a licence as a Registered Respiratory Therapist . Jawahare is also a certified instructor of NIA technique. She offers classes in several locations in the North Bay Area.jawahare

Jawahare continues to deepen her perception and understanding of dance by teaching and attending master classes and seminars. As a credentialed teacher, she brings a clear and precise quality to her instruction of Middle-Eastern Dance. Although her classes are well known for their vigorous and structured approach to technique, Jawahare attempts to facilitate the students understanding of themselves and the dance by encouraging them to explore and express the unique qualities that each individual brings to the dance experience.

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