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Janine Ryle

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Janine Ryle

The first Middle Eastern dancer I ever met was my parents' Moroccan friend Mercedes. I was 13 years old, and absolutely in awe of, and not just a little intimidated by her exotic looks and amazing posture!

I began studying Middle Eastern Dance in 1981 in Los Angeles at the local YMCA, and my teacher was a member of Aisha Ali's troupe, Francy Lingle. When Francy no longer had a space to teach, I searched and searched for another teacher, but never "connected" with any. It seemed like every one I ran across taught the dance like a "bump-and-grind," and that was not for me.

After relocating to San Francisco, I was lucky enough to find Magaña Baptiste in 1994. She reawakened my love for this dance, and I am certified in the Baptiste Method of Middle Eastern Dance. I continue to study yoga with her. I also studied with two incredible teachers, John Compton and Rita Alderucci of the Hahbi 'Ru Dance Ensemble. I was in their very first class in April of 1998, and their style has had a tremendous influence on my dancing. Additionally, I studied and performed with Sharlyn Sawyer and Ballet Afsaneh, and have a great love for Central Asian dance, Afghan and Bokharan in particular.

I am certified in the Baptiste Method of Middle Eastern Dance, and I've been teaching weekly classes in San Francisco since 1999. Currently, I'm teaching at the Richmond District YMCA.

Currently, I perform with and co-direct Danse Maghreb. Our mission is to present the traditional music and dance of North Africa, al-Andalus and the Diaspora. We perform frequently for the Amazigh (Berber) community, and are often invited by Amazigh musician Moh Alileche to bring traditional Kabyle style dance to his shows.

In November of 1999, my dance life came full circle. I danced for Mercedes' daughter's henna party. I didn't do much of a solo, because once the music started, all the Moroccans jumped up and started dancing! It was great fun, and a very fulfilling moment.

For Dance Classes, E-mail: javaj9@comcast.net or call Janine @ (415) 994-2846
For Danse Maghreb bookings: Web site: www.dansemaghreb.org or Janine @ (415) 994-2846 or e-mail janine@dansemaghreb.org
also on Facebook - "Danse Maghreb"

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