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Horacio Cifuentes

Horacio Cifuentes was born in Colombia and grew up there and in Spain, Poland and the US. He began to dance at the age 5. As a soloist he danced 8 years in San Francisco Ballet in more than 40 classical and modern ballets. He discovered oriental dance and quickly became very successful .

Beata & Horacio met and got married in San Francisco. As they joined their private and professional lifes they created the concept of the Oriental-Fantasy-Shows, a unique full evening theatre show. This concept of taking the oriental dance from the night club to a theatrical level with backdrops, especially commissioned music productions (made in Egypt), splendid luxurious costumes and tours all over the world is a novelty and the two play a trendsetting role for many dancers.

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    I figured we were investing in our future. "One day", I thought, "we can retire from dance and collect the fruits of our efforts as music producers." For a while we were able to retrieve our investment and go into profit. Unfortunately, this has changed now.
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    Some do not stop to think that it is a matter of basic manners to express your gratitude to an individual who has made an effort to provide well-being and knowledge. They just go and move on to their aerobics classes, horseback riding sessions, judo drills, or other, while the teacher is left behind wondering if any aspect of their lesson caused the pupil to go.
  • And I thought I Knew Him, Horacio Cifuentes: Confessions of a Male Belly Dancer
    Yes, I thought I knew Horacio Cifuentes, a San Francisco dancer who moved to Berlin to be with and wed Beata Zadou. After reading his book, I realized I really did not know him. The book, “Confessions of a Male Belly Dancer”, is exactly that. It is a self-produced autobiography written in a very sincere, almost shockingly honest way. It is personal and personable.
  • Give Credit where Credit is Due!
    However, some dancers are using the same music, costumes and choreography in their performances that they first see elsewhere. This begs the question: at what point does copying someone’s original concept or choreography cross over from homage to stealing?
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    For me, if I am still thinking about it and what I gained from it as a dancer, months or years after I took it, then that is a “golden” workshop. Making it “golden” takes the effort of a lot of people involved.
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    What is it about certain workshops in which the profundity and joy of the workshop stays with you long after it is over?
  • About my teacher Magana Baptiste
    At the time when her husband placed second in the Mr. America body building contest, and mind you, these were the days when body builders took no steroids and were true examples of healthy humans, Magana placed first runner up in the Miss USA beauty competition held in Los Angeles in 1951.
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