Habibia Nawal

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Habibia Nawal or Donna Sagor

I am a San Franciso native. People have always told me that is a rare breed. I have always loved the City by the Bay. Movement, dance and music from around the world have always been important to me. I have been many things in my life. An athelete, dancer, flight attendant, teacher (fitness instructor) wife (no longer) daughter and friend and lover. I live in Northern California with my beautiful doggie. I practice Yoga almost daily. My passion is also walking (yes, walking!) and races of all distances. Thanks to my ipod!

I love to travel and was lucky enough to live in Europe for about 2 years. I mostly travel now to Mexico for Yoga Reteats and to spend time on the beach. I was unlucky to be in New York City during 9-11. I took the train home which was a four day trip. But, I also considered myself lucky to be alive. Since I was staying close to the Twin Towers. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I am writing this from the Good Earth Restaurant. I love to garden and am in the process of putting in my first vegetable garden! I have spent my life rescuing dogs, people and older homes, or so it seems. I love to read and go to good movies. I am against the war in Iraq and am a member of Code Pink and Move On. I would like to end with wishing all of you health and peace.

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    Yousef asked Bert if I and another student would be interested in dancing a couple of nights a week. I said YES! I had no boyfriend, husband, kids or anything else that would stop me from working there or try to change my mind about it.