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This bio needs an update! Donna and Fred have been living and working in Cairo since 2000. On November 25, 2004, Thandi was born! In 2005 Fred, Donna, & Thandy moved to London. March 2008 they have moved back to South Africa.

fred in color "Right now, I work for an Indian NGO (like a not-for-profit) that does health care in the slums.  I do fundraising/promotional stuff mostly, including a lot of writing:  everything from grant proposals to press releases to speeches.

I've taught drama, worked for the UN managing a refugee feeding project, taught woodworking in a rural African school, done some consulting as a writer and editor, etc. Before I left the states I was an arts manager, worked for Lar Lubovitch and before that Laura Dean (both modern choreographers/companies based in NYC)."

Fred will be moving with his wife, Donna Bryson (an Associate Press new editor), from India to Cairo very soon!

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Fred Glick

  • Giving birth abroad combines exotic, mundane --- [8-3-11 link dead]
    The Associated Press news editor in Cairo, recently had her first baby. She describes the experience of giving birth in Egypt, a country where a baby is born every 24 seconds and modern delivery techniques are only just catching on.
  • And Back in the Holy Land...
    What do I feel? Disgust.
  • My Taxi Ride in Egypt after 9-11
    And as we reach my destination, he asks me to tell America that he is sorry, that Egyptians, they are sorry.
  • Eating in Cairo (Part 2)
    You splash da'a on your koshary like a real Egyptian. Perhaps you've even learned how to pronounce da'a. You've had fuul for breakfast and laughed in the face of many an expensive buffet. But all the feelings of superiority aside, you're beginning to feel the need for something, well, different.
    The pre-dawn call to prayer, bustling souqs and the constant reminders that everything, from the continuing supply of water to the arrival of the taxi at my destination, is at the pleasure of Allah.
  • Dining in Cairo
    One of the wonderful things about Egyptian food is that there is something for everyone.
  • Living in India- "Beggars"
    There's a new group of pavement dwellers living on the median near the market.
  • Living in India- "I Wake from a Dream ..."
    No road trip would be complete without hourly sightings of horrible accidents or their remains.
  • Living in India- "Indian Demolition"
    Carrying 8-12 bricks on your head up three flights of stairs while wearing a sari ...
  • Living in India #1-"Bureaucracy"
    The bureaucracy here is amazing......

Fred and Donna

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