Fayruz by Arthur Gianoukos

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Fayruz's passion and interests for the Arabic, Turkish and Iranian culture and traditions has always been foremost in her life.  Her first formal introduction to the Arab world was in studying women's issues in the Middle East; and as a project for the class. She researched traditional women's clothing of Saudi Arabia.  Shortly after, her interest rapidly expanded to include Turkish, Iranian and Egyptian cuisine, history, religion, dance, and film.  While a film intern at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Fayruz introduced the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to the Iranian Association of Boston and, by helping to forge a partnership between the two groups, promoted its Annual Iranian Film Festival, which resulted in a wonderful and complete success that first year and many years later. 

In 2006, Fayruz challenged herself.  She traded in observing belly dancing at the Arab and Turkish clubs and restaurants she loved to go to, and began attending the Sausan Academay of Egyptian dance, where she graduated top in her class in Classical Egyptian Style dance.  She never realized how much her study of Raks Sharki would broaden her understanding of Arab culture, and it completely change her life.  

From early 2008 she began dancing at Al-Masri Restaurant in San Francisco, and through July, 2011 she was one of its premier featured dancers. During that time outside the restaurant, she has danced at the opening and closing celebrations of the King Tut exhibit for the DeYoung Fine Arts Museum, at Phoebe A. Hearst Museum and the International House at the University of California, Berkeley, and at various prestigious clubs and organizations around the greater San Francisco Bay area, as well as for prominent diplomats.  She has also danced as a featured guest dancer at the well known Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA.  And yes, Fayruz has also graced a number of birthday parties, weddings and anniversary parties in and outside the restaurant with her electrifying performances.

Fayruz is also well known among the many media groups in San Francisco including being featured in the San Francisco Chronicle article about belly dancing (Belly Dance Fever) . She truly enjoys encouraging her audiences to get up and dance and to just have a good time.  One really just can't escape celebrating if she's around. She now resides in Dallas, TX, practicing almost daily, expanding her studies to include Arabic language and cuisine.  She is available for performances and is actively looking for venues to become one of Texas's new premier dancers. 


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