Eva Cernik

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Eva Cernik

Eva comes to you to share her knowledge and experience of Middle Eastern dance. After extensive training in gymnastics and ballet, at the age of 19, Eva was first introduced to the dance by Anahid Sofian of New York whose Turkish style left a strong impression. Her other major teachers include Naila-Rose of Denver and Adnan Sarhan of Baghdad. She has worked in many countries and performed on a regular basis with the Erdogan Turkish Oriental Dance Troupe, Inosis Berber Ballet and the Colorado Bedouin Ballet.

Eva researched Oriental dance, its music and context with 19 trips to Egypt and 5 to Turkey as well as lengthy study and work in Iran, Syria, Spain, Morocco and thirteen other countries. Her research is not limited to the night-clubs of Cairo and Istanbul. It extends to the villages where Ghawazi, Romani (Gypsies) and "folk" dance to traditional acoustic music at their festivals, weddings and in their homes.

Eva offers her findings to the dance community in seminars and workshops and by publishing stories in Habibi, Jareeda, and Caravan; by documenting her owndances on video, of which she now has completed a third two-hour compilation; as well as operating affordable dance tours to Turkey and Egypt for fourteen years.

Eva is well educated in Islamic customs and techniques for self-improvement via thirteen intensive years in spiritual Sufi training.

In her present home in Denver, she produces grand shows with live music from bands such as Sherefé, utilizing traditional dance to express themes concerning spirit and life.

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