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Erin Crouch

Erin Crouch is a tribal belly dancer in Chicago, Illinois. She has been dancing since 2004 and started in Washington DC, taking classes with,

Erin holds a degree in Russian and Economics from the University of Alaska in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. She spent a year in Siberia in 1999-2000 as a fellow for public service in a Department of State-funded program and worked as an international trade specialist for the Department of Commerce in DC. In her Chicago day job, she administers humanitarian grants including disaster relief for a large volunteer service organization.

Her favorite pieces of costuming are a green fringe belt, a Flying Skirts coin bra and pair of orange satin pantaloons. Her favorite move is a ¾ shimmy and she dislikes the choo-choo single. Two of her favorite dancers are Heather Stants and Asharah and taking Heather’s workshop at Rakkasah East Spring Caravan in May was a definite high point in 2007.

Besides dancing, Erin enjoys roller derby, medical museums and traveling. Her husband Ron is a Ph.D. student at DePaul University, majoring in psychology.

Erin’s articles and reviews on dance-related topics can be found in Jareeda and Zaghareet magazines, online at the Gilded Serpent and in the Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association (WAMEDA)’s newsletters.

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