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Ellen Cruz

Founder and Director,Ellen Cruz, has been performing and teaching for over fifteen years. She was awarded Artist in Residence from the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for her work in music and dance with teens and youth. Her philosophy is to provide a strong foundation for dancers in technique and in the understanding of Middle Eastern music and how to interpret the music for the dance within the various styles of the music. Belly Dance celebrates life and the human spirit. By studying this ancient art form through dance and music, one's life is enriched with new vision and expression. One receives a sense of culture and ancient tradition.

Ellen Cruz of Rose Productions is known as a vendor, teacher, musician, and producer.

She produced workshops, concerts, and the annual Festival Fantasia and Tribal Fest held in Sonoma County in October. Ellen has been producing events since 1991.

Ellen's Retirement letter

Ellen Cruz & Rose Productions Ellen Cruz & Rose Productions

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