Elizabeth Strong
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Elizabeth Strong

Elizabeth Strong’s understanding of Middle Eastern dance and Eastern folk music began as a child in the California folk music community. As a teenager she began to study the dance formally and passionately.

Liz's DVDA native of San Francisco, Elizabeth maintains the integrity and spirit of traditional dance forms inside of a contemporary framework. A former principal member of Katarina Burda’s Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company, Elizabeth has traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Bulgaria to study closely at the source. Her foray into Fusion began in 2002 when she began to wonder how to make the Old World traditional art she loved relate more to the culture around her. Elizabeth has since worked with other innovative artists including Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Dan Cantrell, Frederique, Mira Betz, Mardi Love, Jillina Carlano, Ariellah, Samantha Emanuel, and Sharon Kihara.

In addition to exploring the outer edges of belly dance fusion, Elizabeth remains rooted in folk tradition in her travels and in her work with California Rom, Jewish, and Balkan communities. She performs with live music groups including Brass Menazeri and Fishtank Ensemble, and renowned world musicians including Faisal Zeidan and Rumen Sali Shopov. Elizabeth has previously toured with Bellydance Superstars, and was a founding member of Bellydance Evolution and of Beats Antique.

Performances are available on Bellydance Superstars Tribal Fusions Vol. 2, Bellydance Superstars Tribal LA, Bellydance Evolution’s “Immortal Desires”, Hollywood Video’s Evolution, Tales of Desire I & Tales of Desire II. Elizabeth currently teaches and performs internationally. Her self-produced Turkish Roman instructional DVD was released in 2011.

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