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Doyne Allen

Doyne Allen Biography Highlights, March 2008 by Anaheed and friends

Throughout a life that has been full of world travel and a variety of vocations, Doyne Allen emerges as a Renaissance man of many talents. Known internationally as a master costume designer, he is also a gourmet cook, a graduate of the Gemology Institute of America, a top rated beading instructor, and a dedicated animal lover.

He has been a costume vendor at national dance events for many years as well as owning his own Southern California boutique filled with belly dance treasures from around the world. He began teaching beading classes in order to enable dancers to create high quality costumes of their own. He has been repeatedly requested by the Royal Bead Society of London and has worked with a private group in Spain doing historical vestment restoration. He is listed in the Prado Museum as a primary resource for such work.

He has new plans for "Doyne's Place" this year that may involve more travel, so if you are lucky enough to catch him in person, place your orders quickly!

Whether teaching a class, cooking a meal or designing a unique new costume, Doyne applies himself with focused intensity that gets results. He is a real "mover and shaker" in the dance world, so we are always eager to know what will be coming next for Doyne Allen -- artist, raconteur, and creator extraordinaire!

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