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Dazzel is from Hawaii, of Lebanese, African-American, Blackfoot (Native American), and European decent. Raised with strong cultural influences, including Hawaiian and Indian culture, she began studying dance at the age of 4. She has especially studied Bellydance, Hula (Hawaiian Dance), Tahitian, Indian Dance & Yoga. Along with other cultural dances, she has also studied Ballet, Modern, & Jazz. Now a professional dancer, she performs in concerts, theaters, private-parties, night-clubs, & restaurants. In addition to her dancing, she is also an actress and singer. She currently lives in Paris, France.

Dazzel has especially studied movement with the following teachers...

Hula (the ancient Hawaiian dance) with Kumu Hula (hula master), Coline Aiu Ferranti of Halau Hula O' Maiki. Coline, daughter of hula master Maiki Aiu (who is known as the "Mother of the Hawaiian Renaissance") graduated as a kumu hula through a formal 'uniki in 1973. She worked with her mother as assistant kumu hula until Maiki's death in 1984, when she assumed leadership of the halau (hula school). In addition to hula, Coline also teaches Hawaiian culture.

Tahitian Maori Poi dance with Ms. Butterworth of the Butterworth Dance Company in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bellydance with Jean Yanagawa, a high spirited teacher who makes bellydancing and learning a joy. Ms. Yanagawa teaches in Hawaii.

Bellydance with Aish Ali, an international performer, educator and authority on the dances of North Africa, including Egypt. Ms. Ali has also studied the traditional styles of dance in the Middle East which are not seen in the United States.

Bharata Natyam (an ancient Indian classical dance) with Kamala Caesar, a Native American who stuied with Bala Sarasvati in New York and went on to be a national performer and teacher.

Bharata Natyam with Lila Kamout, a foremost disciple of Viji Prakash. Lila was the first student that Viji Prakash commenced her Shakti School with in 1977. Lila has stayed deeply dedicated to this dance, dancing worldwide, touring with her guru and the Shakti Dance Company. Quite honestly, she is the most amazing Bharata Natyam dancer I have ever seen in my life and proof that white skin and blonde hair is no disability in learning cultural dances.

Afro-Braziliandance with Linda Yudin, the award winning co-artistic director and cofounder of Viva Brasil Dance Company. Ms Yudin is a trained dance ethnologist who stdies, performs and teaches Afro-Brazilian dance in the U.S., Brazil and South Africa.

Modern dance with Master Teacher Denise Jefferson, who has studied in the Martha Graham School of Contemprary Dance through a dance scholorship. Ms. Jefferson has been the director of the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance School since 1984.

Modern dance with Professor Linda Gold, who has performed with the Joffrey Ballet Co. and who's work has drawn the praise from critics throughout the world, including the New York Times which described her 1995 Lincoln Center performance as having "the scale of an epic".

Modern dance with Iris Pell, an independent choreographer and performer who has performed internationally with the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company for twelve years and has a strong "Lewitzky" influence in her Modern dance style.

Jazz dance with Reggie Brown, one of L.A.'s most respected dance teachers whos teaching and concert work exude both spiritual and social awareness to challenge and uplift the human spirit.

Ballet with the Hawaii State Ballet, Queen Ema Ballet, and the Oda Ballet School.

Ballet with Stefan Wenta, a Principle dancer and choreographer of Warsaw's National Opera & Ballet, partner of Paris Opera Ballet's prima ballerinas Yvette Chauvire and Lycette Darsonvol. Mr. Wenta is a Professor at Cal Arts: Master classes of European Dance Culture at UCLA.

Yoga with Chris Stein, an Intermediate Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who brings a nurturing and caring touch to her classes by centering the yogic energy in the heart. Ms. Stein has her own private yoga studio "Govindas" and is a popular instructor at Yoga Works.

Yoga with Brian Kest, who began studying yoga in Hawaii in 1979 with David Williams(who was the first person to bring Ashtanga yoga to America). Mr. Kest then studied in India with K. Pattabhi Jois (the main proponent of Ashtanga yoga). Mr. Kest focuses on healing, honoring, and integrating the body, mind and spirit for overall health.

Yoga with Elaine Roque, a former high-ranking Professional Beach Volleyball player turned Professional Vollyball coach and authority. Ms. Roque also teaches great Iyengar yoga classes.

Yoga with Herb Sandoval, a certified Iyengar teacher since 1992, he has been practicing yoga since 1976. Herb has studied and taught different styles of yoga and methods of fitness including Pilates.

Yoga with Max Strom, a gentle giant, who has been devoted to yoga since 1991, teaches his unique Vinyasa-style of yoga integrating methods from Astanga, Iyengar, Chi Gong, and Movement Therapy. Mr. Strom is the director of Sacred Movement, a center for yoga and healing.

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