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David Ludwig

For six decades, David Ludwig has explored and expressed his creative interests and talents in art, music and dance. He has produced fine art in several media including watercolor and pastel, and is an accomplished photographer. He photographs nature, his travels and dance with a zen eye for simple composition and form. He plays many instruments, including clarinet, recorder, sax, guitar, Celtic harp, Native American flute, and Arabic reed-flute or ney, and has studied several forms of dance including Native American dance, ballet, jazz, folk and Middle Eastern dance. He has been a practicing residential architect in the San Francisco Bay Area for 35 years.

He began working in theater as a self-taught backdrop designer in 1989, originally painting only on silk, for a small, local ballet company. He then became interested in Middle Eastern culture in 1994 and has danced in a troupe, learned several musical instruments and created silk theater backdrops in this theme since then. David was asked to produce his first digitally printed drop for the Lollapalooza tour in 2003, and he created a second large-scale digitally printed drop for an Off-Broadway production with Dalia Carella in New York this last June.

David currently lives in Marin County, where he practices architecture, studies music and dance and produces silk dance veils and theater backdrops in a variety of themes and media, and he offers his drops for rent over the internet. He photographs his travels and the creative artists who surround him in his life. For more information, and examples of his work visit his web site.

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