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Christine Yaven

Dubbed "Indonesia's bellydance icon", Christine Yaven fell in love with bellydance in 2000 and is Indonesia's only certified bellydance instructor, obtaining teacher training certificates from Egypt with Raqia Hassan, Canada with Hadia and USA with the legendary Tamalyn Dallal.

Her audience are always left in awe of her inherent grace and femininity, and her students love that she is a dedicated teacher; always eager to impart the best quality of tutelage to her growing student body at Indonesia's first and only bellydance centre, Bellydance Jakarta.

A Business Adminstration Ivy League graduate (Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania), Christine pursued advanced degrees in Australia, where she encountered her first bellydance experience at Newtown Middle Eastern Dance Centre, Sydney. She then continued to hone her craft, studying intensively with many respected authorities of this artform, internationally acclaimed master instructors such as Raqia Hassan, Dr Mo Geddawi (Egypt), Tamalyn Dallal and Jillina (Bellydance Superstars USA), Yousry Sharif (USA) Aziza and Hadia (Canada) and others.

Christine's teaching not only spans precise technique, she also teaches the soul, values and heritage of this beautiful dance, ensuring her students also approach this ancient art-form with the respect it deserves.

Upon her return to Indonesia, Christine decided to share her passion with Indonesia, and established Bellydance Jakarta in 2006. With over 150 students to date, Christine is considered a pioneer of this art-form, bringing it to a wider audience, and is often sought nationally and regionally to share her knowledge and unique style.

She has been invited to teach and perform in numerous cities spanning the entire archipelago. She also had the honour of being the first Indonesian instructor to be invited to perform and teach overseas, during the Orientalia Hong Kong festival in November 2008, an international festival originated by Tamalyn Dallal. Subsequently, she has been invited back to Hongkong and Malaysia to share the stage with many talented and respected bellydance artists.

She is also Artistic Director of the Bellydance Jakarta Dancers, a troupe handpicked and exclusively under her tutelage. The Bellydance Jakarta Dancers are Indonesia's premiere bellydance troupe, often invited to perform at corporate functions, embassy functions, charity galas, parties and national television shows. The Bellydance Jakarta Dancers are the only troupe in Indonesia that feature authentic Egyptian costumes and incorporate a wide array of props into their performance.

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