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Chandani is the owner and operator of BodyWorks by Chandani– the only dance studio in Hampton Roads dedicated solely to the art of belly dance. She directs cabaret troupe Hippy Chicks Raks, who recently performed with Issam Houshan. Chandani is the Regional Director for National Dance Week and hosts workshops from international stars of dance, including Issam Houshan, Amira Mona of Germany and Aradia of Las Vegas. Her dance-related articles have appeared in Zaghareet! Magazine. Chandani holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Religion and Religious Education. When she is not dancing, Chandani enjoys creating recipes to try on her friends.

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  • Say Thank You! Gracefully Accepting Compliments
    Responding with a simple “Thank you!” should be rewarding to both parties. By receiving praise from another, you acknowledge that you did your job well. It should be a merry moment that enhances your spirit. You have an accomplishment that you should be proud to share, and the audience member offering you the compliment is acknowledging that your dance has touched something in the life of another.
  • Making Recorded Music Memorable
    Through the years we have come up with ways to make pre-recorded performance music sound better, work better and avoid mishaps.