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Catherine Barros

Catherine lives in Dallas, Texas with her 4 Maine Coon cats, Horatio, Lily, Rufus and Sylvia. She currently works as an Consultant Specialist (AKA computer programmer/analyst) for a major international provider of computer support and software services which has their world headquarters located in Plano, Texas. Her favorite project (so far) involved working in Sydney, Australia for six months (her favorite because of being in Sydney – not the project!) and where she just missed studying with Amera (of Amera’s Palace) by a few weeks as Amera was overseas the whole time she was in Sydney.

Catherine has been studying Middle Eastern dance for over 20 years. She started her dance studies with Rita Benner of Richardson, Texas, where she performed in Trup Oryntal and began performing solo. She then continued her studies with Vashti of Dallas, for nearly 10 years. In addition to Vashti, she considers Amaya of Nuevo Mexico and Cassandra of Minneapolis to be major influences, particularly in the areas of stage presence and interpretation of music. Through the years, she has been spurred on and inspired at workshops with Angelika Nemeth, Beata of Germany, Hadia of Calgary, Jalilah ( who produced the Raks Sharki music series and now lives in Vancouver), Suzanna del Vecchio, Morocco of New York (of course, ), Elena of New York, Nadia Hamdi of Egypt, Amani of Lebanon, and Khedi Megateli of Austin, Texas. With recent additions in the last year of Raqia Hassan of Cairo, Aida Nour of Cairo, Dina of Cairo (!!), Mona el Said, and Yasmina Ramzy of Toronto. This list will hopefully keep growing. She has also spent much time studying videos of various dancers including Mona el Said, Sohair Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdo, Lucy, Dina, Shareen Al Safy, just to name a few.

Her latest effort to further her understanding of Middle Eastern music involves taking doumbek classes and the accordion. Her love of Egyptian accordion music has finally pushed her over the edge to attempt to learn accordion Western-style then, hopefully, on to the quarter tone version. She plans a trip to Cairo for more music and dance lessons in the near future.

Three years ago Catherine decided that she needed to do something with all the dance knowledge she has been accumulating so she decided to hang out her shingle as a dance instructor. As her long hours at work get in the way of too many commitments time-wise, she has opted for teaching on a private and semi-private basis. This has been a slow and gradual pursuit as she has much to learn and develop along the lines of teaching and lesson plans. What she has accomplished so far with her teaching has brought her more confidence as a performer and has become another source of inspiration as she has become more open to trying different styles while not abandoning her love of Egyptian style.

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