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Brian Lin

An unlikely photographer, Taiwanese-born Brian Lin emigrated to America and eventually graduated from Rutgers with a Masters of Science in statistics. With a demanding career as a statistical analyst, and a heavy involvement in the Toastmasters, Brian still felt a strong pull towards the creative pursuit of photography.

Brian believes that wardrobe and cosmetics transform a person from the outside in. Through heightened awareness, conscious movements, and self-realization, an ordinary person can elevate his or her state of life.

Fascinated by these manifestations of beauty and character through costumes, Brian Lin has dedicated his little remaining free time to photography of costume parades, exotic events and belly dance concerts. Through a combination of unique angles, defining moments and witty post-processing, Brian's photos (especially those taken under challenging circumstances) frequently turn out to be very pleasant surprises. His intelligence and courteous manner, in addition to his sensitivity to the needs of both audience and performers, have made Brian a favored live-action photographer in the NewYork and New Jersey bellydance community.

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"Objects of Desire, Photos from Venus Uprisings April Performance
The 7th fantasy bellydance concert produced by the New York City artistic salon Venus Uprising took place at the Merce Cunningham Studio on April 15th and 16th, 2011. Invited dancers were asked to create new works based upon the theme "Objects of Desire". The performers responded with an interesting array of interpretations, ranging from the literal to the highly abstract.