The downtown promenade in Puerto Vallerto
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Birute Skurdenis is an “accidental belly dancer.” Thirty years ago when she graduated from graduate school in Social Welfare, she wrote in her yearbook profile that she really wanted to be “a punk rock belly dancer.” Shortly thereafter, she went to a party and started a conversation with a good-looking young man. When asked “What do you do?” she replied, “I’m a social worker.” To which he nodded and walked away. For the past 25 years she’s danced with Alexandria in the Ghawazee and the Near Eastern Dance Company. She also knows almost everything you need to know about affordable housing programs in America.

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  • Have Belly Will Travel by Tanya Lemani
    The process of getting booked on these shows and her relationships with other artists, both famous and unknown, who help her on her way is the most interesting part of the book.