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Ayesha started her dancing career in 1990 and was awarded the Dancer of the Year Award in 1993 by the Belyssa Academy. Since then she has cultivated her own dance career and extended her knowledge by studying with Ibrihim Farrah, Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Shareen El Safy and Aisha Ali.

She established her own school of dance in 1995 and now teaches a range of students including her seniors group 'The Pearls of Wisdom'. She is regularly invited to high schools to participate in multicultural events and recreational dancing.

Ayesha loves traveling and is keen to develop the dance in country areas of Western Australia. She loves the cultural diversity of Australia and is keen to develop a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern culture through dance.

Her UK roots keep her in touch with news and events from Britain as well as European countries. Ayesha believes that this dance brings women together in an non-competitive and supportive way and does not prejudice against age, ethnic background, body size or religious beliefs thereby fostering a feeling of 'sisterhood' and bonding.

Ayesha and Eva have been friends from their very first class together and it was only a matter of time before they joined their dynamic forces to benefit the bellydance community. Sheik to Sheik is the result. Not just a shop, not just a resource centre but a joining of energy and passion and a love of this thing we call Bellydance.


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