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Averill is a sixteen year old Junior in High School in Toledo, Ohio.

She started dancing ballet and tap when she was five, but stopped after four years. In her preteen years she took a few years of karate, receiving her green belt. She feels that both of these experiences have influenced her dance today.

As Delilah's niece, Averill has been exposed to belly dancing in small amounts since she was a child, but never considered taking up her aunt's passion until she got the opportunity to intern with Delilah for a month at her studio in Seattle. Her school offered a program which allowed her to develop her own independent study to go anywhere she wanted and to learn anything imaginable. Because her Grandma lived in Seattle, she decided to develop a project there and opted for the mystifying world of belly dancing instead of trying for an internship that would have involved a lot of getting other people coffee.

She has now made her own costume and performed three times (once for Delilah, once at her Grandmother's assisted living facility, and once for her school,) and is excited to keep developing her skills.

She is now taking lessons at Laura Shakti's Radiance Studio in Bowling Green, Ohio.

You can read the blog of her experience in Seattle here:

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