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Columbus, Ohio

Athena has loved belly dance since childhood. Raised in a primarily Lebanese neighborhood, she began to learn how to dance from childhood. In 2005, her mother began to take formal belly dance classes. After a lot of cajoling from Athena, she was allowed to take belly dance classes with her mother at 15. Soon after that, the two began to perform together. To this day, her mother is one of her biggest supporters.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

She became a professional dancer when she turned 18. Athena is lucky enough to perform throughout the Midwest at various venues, as well as concerts, parties and restaurants in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She began to make her own costumes to keep up with her increasingly crazy costume desires in 2010 and now makes costumes for various local and national dancers. In early 2012, she was able to dance in Chile for a month, She is now back in Ohio working on her mountain of belly dance costume projects, performing throughout the US, and is 4 classes away from a Business Administration degree.

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