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Anthea Poole

Anthea (Kawakib)'s precise technique, attention to detail, and warm personality not only make her a popular performer but enable her to effectively pass on her knowledge to other dancers.

Her background of traditional Oriental Dance communicates with both American and Middle Eastern audiences, and provides a foundation for her evolving artistic vision. She writes, composes, choreographs, and continues to teach the belly dance community of Fredericksburg (VA), where she directs a student performing group, the PRISM Dancers. Anthea promotes a holistic approach to learning belly dance, studying classic and modern styles; and continues to expand the Egyptian-inspired synchronized group improvisation format, Tribal Odyssey Bellydance™.

Retired from her 20-year career as a club performer in the Washington DC area, she’s also appeared in professional theatre productions and in the media. Her talent for rhythmic expression is reflected in her signature "Finger Cymbal Solo" on the video Lifting the Veil of Time.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Anthea’s website contains her numerous articles and products, including DVDs, original music on CD, and her instructional booklets:

Anthea maintains an up-to-date website:
Bellydance by Anthea (Kawakib, Atesh)

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