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Angela Thacker, performs as Angel, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband (Jerry) and daughter (Christina). She has an extensive background in the Bay Area as a singer, actress, model and hostess and has always been drawn to the behind the scenes workings and production aspects of the entertainment industry. In 1993 she launched "The Music Networking Conference", a premiere annual event held from 1988 through 1993, giving local artists and song writers a venue to network, meet industry leaders and perform. It was organizing and producing this event which gave her a passion for working with and supporting entertainers with their efforts to build their careers in a challenging industry.

Angel has a passion for the art and theatre and is currently exploring new ways and opportunities to present dance events for the public and opportunities for dancers to show off their talent and beauty. She’s also focused on bringing workshop opportunities from the masters of the art to a community near you! Information on an approaching production or events can be found at her website.:

As a bellydancer, Angel has great respect for the instructors she has been able to study with over the years. Her first instructor, Azar, ( gave her an appreciation of the dance, technique and the history of the art form. From here she’s been fortunate enough to study with some of the masters of the art such as Delilah (, Veena & Neena (, Angelika Nemeth ( and is currently a student of Dunia ( She continues to take workshops and dance opportunities to grow her artistry and expand her skills. You can see Angel, her friends and many local dancers at Serengeti Nights, a monthly dance night at the eon Café ( in Hayward CA.


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