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"Suzanne Petrén Abou Shebika" Zeina has been dancing oriental dance since 1981 in Sweden. It has always been one of her greatest interests in life. At 21 years of age, after many years of training and hard work, she began making a living from the dance alone, as a teacher and artist. In Stockholm, Sweden, Zeina teaches classical oriental dance as well as Egyptian folklore at the Egyptiskt Kulturcentrum.

Her main teachers in oriental were Liza Djeylan, Raqia Hassan, Nadia Hamdi and in folklore dance she studied with the Egyptian choreographer Bahi Barakat, and Mohamed Abou Shebika. She started to dance in Sweden and in the 1980s travelled to Egypt to learn more. In 1990 she started to work as a professional dancer at the Safir Hotel in "Dokki" in Cairo using the stage name Zeina, She worked in Egypt at many different five star hotel and nightclubs in Cairo and Alexandria between 1990 - 1994.

Zeina came back to Sweden after four years in Egypt and fulfilled one of her biggest dreams by opening her own dance school with her husband Mohamed Abou Shebika. The dance school is now one of the biggest schools for oriental dance in Europe with more than 500 students.

Since 1997, Mohamed Abou Shebika is also running two shops for oriental dance clothes, "Kairo Bazar" in Stockholm and the second shop is located in the dance school. Since 2000, Zeina and Mohamed Abou Shebika together have been organizing the famous "Stockholm Belly Dance Festival".

They are also co-organizers of the newly started Nile Group Festival in Cairo together with: Aida Nour, Freiz, Medhat Fahmy and Allae Abou Leyla.

Nearly everything in her life is about the oriental dance and Egypt, which is her second home. She is travels there about four times each year.

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