Sophia Harris

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Sophia Harris

The name Sophia is derived form the Greek, Sophos, "knowledge, wisdom, prudence." Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom.

In her book Sophia:Goddess of Wisdom (1991), Caitlin Matthews traces the history of Sophia and the various ways in which she has been considered. Matthews states:" Sophia is the great lost Goddess who has remained intransigently within orthodox spiritualities. She is veiled, blackened, denigrated and ignored most of the times; or else she is exalted, hymned and pedestalled as an allegorical abstraction of female dignity."

It is with both the burden and the gift of such a name, Sophia Harris entered this incarnation. Like her older brother Michel, Sophia was born into the world of bellydance. In fact, she was born at home in her mother's bellydance studio and livework space with friends and family present.

Whatever wisdom might have been present at her birth was overshadowed by her noisy entry into the world. Sophia came out screaming. One couldn't help but wonder if she was really ready to be here. When she heard her brother's voice, though, all crying stopped and you could tell that she knew she was where she belonged.

The years have passed quickly, and Sophia, has matured into a beautiful, intelligent and caring girl. She loves animals (menagerie consists of cats, a dog, a gecko, doves, and two pet chickens), reading, music, dancing and her family. Her brother Michel is still her best friend.
written by her dad, George

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