Sharifa Asmar

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Sharifa Asmar

Sharifa met Oriental dance in college and they've been inseparable ever since. The music captured her heart and its physical expression, Oriental dance, became her passion. Nothing has changed. Since then, Sharifa has danced across 3 continents, several islands, in a myriad of venues over 2 ½ decades with happy audiences celebrating life on a breathless journey of music, cultural exchange and laughter.

Sharifa’s repertoire includes a wide sampler of styles from across the Middle East, classic Egyptian, and American style. Known for her elegant style, musicality, technique and passion are hallmarks of Sharifa’s dance, choreography and teaching.

Sharifa teaches regular classes in several North Carolina locations and workshops all over the US. She actively shares Oriental and Middle Eastern dance with general audiences through engaging and innovative offerings at public and private events. Sharifa also serves as artistic director of Qarisma Dance, a performing troupe.

Sharifa is comfortable in Spanish, German, French and English languages. Her study of Arabic language is on-going…and hopefully much improved by her next trip to Cairo. Sharifa's academic education includes post-graduate studies in history and political science. A professor of history, her ongoing research now includes contemporary Oriental dance communities, a view of 20th C Oriental dance and online learning. In 2001, Sharifa participated in the 2nd International Middle eastern Dance Conference with a survey of then current US bellydance community, “From Uncommon Grounds to Common Traditions: Belly Dancer or Middle Eastern Dancer.”

In 2012, Sharifa celebrates 30 yrs of Oriental dance and is dancing with old and new friends throughout the US and Canada and maybe even across the sea! You can always reach Sharifa in the studio or in the field with her Paso Fino horses.

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