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Sharif started learning belly dance on a whim and was soon hooked, probably for life. He lives in Santa Cruz and has been taking classes with locals Moira and Sese Geddes since 2004. Earlier in his life he learned ballroom dancing, martial arts and yoga, forming a basis for his dance education. A former resident of The Netherlands, he enjoys his new environment very much.

As one of the few male dancers in this art form he has received some unique opportunities in his short dance career. He was invited to film a television commercial for a fruit drink in his native country; it has run successfully for about half a year with hundreds of airings. He was also interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Sharif aims to entertain and educate his audience with a dance style that mixes fluid and sharp movements. He always mixes some humor in both his performances and his choice of music, to put men and women at ease.

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