Samia Nasser

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Samia Nasser

I am from Iraq, but at the present time, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I'm a real estate agent. I love it! It makes me happy to cater to people needs.

I love show business, too; and I have had many adventures and strange experiences in my role as a Belly dancer. Often, when I only had ten minutes left before my performance, I found that I had arrived at a dance club without my dancing costumes because the airline had sent them to another state. That's a valid cause of stress! Living out of suitcase had become a very lonely life, and I was becoming weary of flying, too. I danced locally in Las Vegas for a short time while doing real estate, but that didn't work out for me either because I wasn't getting enough sleep, burning the candle at both ends. So, I switched my career to selling real estate.

My friends have been telling me that I should teach Arabic dancing, and I hope that I can take at least one day off from my real estate job to teach dancing. During all the time I've been working in real estate, I've never taken a day off. When people call, an agent must go because selling real estate is a very demanding profession! I tell my friends that I might teach dance someday--but not for personal gain. Arabic dance is beautiful, emotional, and feminine; so with these three plusses, no one can say: “I don't like it.” I would like to bring back and re-instate the true, authentic style of Arabic dancing.

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