Said el Amir

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Said el Amir

Said el Amir - warm hearted, charismatic, disciplined professional dancer with a powerful, clear and systematic dance technique (based on ESTODA!) Devoting his life to dance Said brings all his life-affirming personality to his performances and instructions.

Based on his knowledge about music, its structure, its cultural origin and interpretation and falling back on his founded education in jazz dance, modern dance, classical ballet and Middle Eastern dances, Said created the new dance fusion: "jomdance" that still searches- for its resembling. Never loosing his sense for the feasible Said gives free run to his fantasy in dance motions and emotions.

Gifted with a high measure of empathy he is able to elicit and promote the optimum of all pupils. Said el Amir is known for teaching technique, feeling for the music and joy of life as well as transmitting humanity and self-confidence to his pupils. His instruction levels comprise beginners to professionals and are consequently adapted to the skills of the present pupils.
Short Bio:

• Born January, 06th 1969 in Kiel/Schleswig-Holstein
• Star sign Capricorn, ascendant Cancer, moon in the Lion (more won't be betrayed)
• 1975 first theatrical experience in the opera house of Kiel as solo singer of a child choir on the occasion of the annual meeting "Kiel sings and plays for Kiel"
• starting from 1979 participation in the music groups and groups of theatres of the six-form high school in Kiel-Pries with numerous appearances on national stages
• 1987 first contact to Mid-eastern dance by its first and coining/shaping teacher Yasmin al Ghazali
Said doing a split • 1988 establishment of "the belly dance school in Kiel" with Yasmin al Ghazali
• starting from 1990 removal and shifting of the training activity in the river Rhine aria (Aachen / Eschweiler /Cologne) and starting a hairdresser's training. Numerous Workshops and shows in the inland as well as the, European foreign countries.
• starting from 1995 co-operation with Yasmin al Ghazali - at that time living in Spain - in form of a Spanish-German dance partnership. CO-developer of the formation "ESsential Technique of Oriental DAnce" ESTODA since 1998 living in Munii:r:h
• since 2000 various television reports, as well as newspaper and radio interviews (RTL, SaU, SWR, NDR, MDR, WDR4J." Radio Flora, Antenne Aachen, TanzOriental, Halima, Orient Magazin)
• 2001 Choreograph, CO-composer, dancer, singer and actor in the 1 Vz hour Orient-Musical "1m fICjmmenwalzer:'b)§ M. Fernandez-Ritter/Berlin
• since 2002 dance training for contemporary dance at
• 2003 establishment of ttne mobile jomdance-academy
• since 2005 reputed teacher for TaMeD - the German sister like association of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS)

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