Roswitha Mohl

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Roswitha Mohl

Since the birth of the magazine TANZORIENTAL in 1992, Roswitha Mohl has been a contributor in the redaction. She is mostly involved with interviews, reviews and translations.

Roswitha Mohl is a graduate of the University of Erlangen, near Numberg. She is married and has studied theater science. Roswitha developed her love for theatre already as a teenager. In 1976 she had her debut as Mississippi-Lili in"Prairie Saloon" (Musical by Lothar Olias) She was the author and-participated in the comic opera,,La donna i mobile" which was the theme for Verdi's "Rigoletto" and which was premiered in 1996. To celebrate her 25 years on stage she will perform on 14th and 15th of July 2001 the mother in "Franziska" by Frank Wedekind.

In 1987 Roswitha awakened her interest in oriental dance and she began her studies. Since then she has participated in many classes and workshops with reknown masters, among these are: Amaya, Bert Balladine, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Delilah, Nagua Fouad, Dr Mo. Gedawi, Laurel Gray, Leila Haddad, Lala Hakim, Zaza Hassan, Hava, Momo Kadous, Prof. Hassan Khalil, Mohamed Khalil, Magdy EI Leisy, NeIly Masloum, Morocco, Nahema, Serena, Shahrazad, Shareen el Safy, Zahra and others. She is especially influenced by Momo Kadous.

She has been given the name Warda As-Sabah "Morning rose" and can be booked with her presentation of "Eurabic Dance Show".