Princess Farhana

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Princess Farhana

Acclaimed international dancer Princess Farhana has performed, taught and written about Oriental Dance and Burlesque for nineteen years. She has appeared in Egypt, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, all over The United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada, and across the US. Named “Favorite  Oriental Dancer 2006 & 2008” by The Zaghareet Magazine, Princess Farhana has been featured in numerous motion pictures, videos, television shows and dance documentaries, as well as many instructional and performance DVD’s. Trained in the Egyptian style ( by Raqia Hassan and Zahra Zuhair, among others) she is also known for her high-concept , theatrical fusion performances and dazzling stage presence. Her warmth, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit - on and off stage- captivates audiences and students alike.

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Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1