Nourhan Sharif

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Nourhan Sharif

Producer, Teacher, Therapist, Designer, Performer, ...

Prolific, gifted, and tireless, New York's ~ Nourhan Sharif keeps expanding the educational and artistic horizons for Middle Eastern dance!

She persistently creates new ways to bring this dance to newcomers & new audiences while executing opportunities, new ideas, and projects for professionals! Her participation has broadened from performer, instructor, choreographer, seminar/program producer, dancewear designer, to film actress, music CD and instructional DVD producer, as Executive Director of Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance from 1997 to 2008 She has done it all, from the ground-up: from the necessary requirements of running a productive business, to graciously hosting (and performing in) galas!

She excels in everything she does. Within all her many-functions, are born new ideas for proliferation of an art she obviously loves & to which she has devoted her life! While advocating for authentic vocabulary & rigorous performance technique - the true conventions for dance preservation and excellence - her visionary methods for dance education and performance potential are "outside the box" - the only way to go in our current dance world where opportunities - and sometimes genuine appreciation - for artists are slim to none!!

With four decades of training and experience in Egyptian & Lebanese Cabaret and Folkloric Dance under her belt, Nourhan Sharif has become a leading artist of Middle Eastern dance and music!! Her skills are in demand around the world; she has taught and performed on nearly every continent! Nourhan also organizes and manages seminars in New York & on an international scale, which are immensely popular. She has produced an award-winning series of audio and video recordings, and is the creator of SharifWear, a line women's dance clothing. Nourhan is a contributing artist and a major force in the dance!

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