Nissa Elon

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Nissa Elon

nee-SAH • EE-lon

The love of dance has always been a part of Nisaa Elon’s life since the age of 3 when she began ballet and tap classes. Nisaa began belly dancing in April 2003 after a year of studying African dance. She has taken an intense course of classes and workshops with diverse teachers with emphasis in varied styles of belly dance. Because of the influence of her experiences in different cultural dance forms, Nisaa has cultivated her own style of what she likes to call “Belly Fusion”. She uses dance to celebrate the gift of movement and the beauty within through self-expression. She advocates encouraging others to give themselves permission to live their “authentic lives” and not just what others assume of them. “Show them something different!”

Coming from a background in theatre, she has always had a passion for the performing arts. Nisaa has danced in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area for festivals, special events, parties, fundraisers, restaurants, retirement homes and recitals.nissa collage

During her everyday life, Nisaa Elon (a.k.a. Narvia Summers) is a Multi-media Graphic Artist. She has created graphics for some local performers as well as for herself. Along with her graphics creativity, Nisaa also enjoys creating some of her costumes, which she believes gives a more personal expression to her performances.

Nisaa gives a nod to all those who have gone before and to all who may be inspired to follow in the journey of self-expression through dance. One Love! Email Nisaa Elon for performances or private lessons.

E-mail: NisaaElon(at)