Nina Poethen

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Nina Poethen

Munich, Germany

Neo-Oriental is a modern version of probably the oldest dance of humanity. It is the artistic concept of Nina Poeth to combine belly dance, presentation and live music into individual pieces with names like: "Crypt", "Hands of Fatima" or "Metal". The costumes are specially dedicated and designed for Nina Poethen. Part soloist, part with Music she designs stage expressive programmes between Orient and Occident.

Nina Peothen regarded as expressive dancer. With a rich opulence of movements full of sensuality, dynamic and sensibility she created her artistical style "Neo-Orient" which combines tradition, modern and her total individual style

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  • Nesma, Dancer of Passion
    To manage the orchestra is quite complicated. They are all men and the dancer must always keep her distance from them. You have to use the service of a manager who is the intermediary between you and the other persons involved in the business. It is very important to have a good manager, a good professional and good person as well. And it is not so easy to find, I can tell you.