11 years old MIchel holds Mohini, a rare albino Columbian Red Tail Boa

11 year old Michel holds Mohini
a rare albino Columbian Red Tail Boa

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Michel Harris was born into the world of Bellydancing. The twelve year old son of Lynette Harris, Michel’s first home was a bellydance studio in Oakland California. A mirror framed dance floor by night became Michel’s indoor playground during the day.

Michel was surrounded by bellydancers from the moment he was born. Three of Lynette’s former dance students actually attended his birth. Michel has probably been to more dance festivals in his life than the average child has been to birthday parties. He has learned to observe the art form and to offer valid critiques.

The son of a dancer and a sales professional, Michel quickly developed a gift for gab. He has a ready smile and the innate ability to put forth his ideas to any audience. He loves to help his mother do everything from photographing dancers to helping conduct surveys to carrying baskets of snakes.

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  • Islamic Architecture
    Oil wealth, along with social and political change, has threatened Islamic culture and traditions. Therefore, many Muslim planners and architects are reacting to this invasion of Western culture by reasserting their Islamic heritage.

dancing with mom at about 7 years old? Michel collects a record number of filled out surveys!

Coming soon- Taureg Dress- Michel's 7th grade World History project for Africa.