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Lina Jang


Lina Jang discovered Danse Orientale during a high school trip to Morocco. Her fine art photography reflects her desire to capture the movement, elegance and sensuality of the female form. The sensual movement of the dancers along with the exotic costuming provided a starting point for Lina, from which she could experiment with her own sense of color and line. Danse Orientale became the first phase of her fine art exploration. During her evolution, she has further explored her art by discarding garments and creating a series of nudes enhanced by lighting effects and softly draped fabrics. She also took her models out of the studio and into a variety of exterior environments. This latest phase opened up new possibilities of light effects and ambience. Constant throughout her expansion and evolution is the celebration of the sensuality and power of the female form.

In addtion to her skills with oriental dance photography, Lina is also a partner in a renowned boutique wedding studio based in New York City.

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